wim | blue

designed for the cleanoceanproject. wim was designed to remind people to use durable lieblings-bags instead of throw away plastic bags for their daily shopping trips. it is also the perfect companion on sunny beaches. it will hold everything you need in sand and water. enjoy your everyday holiday consciously. also visit: www.cleanoceanproject.org

_large, lightweight, functional stand-up beach and city shopping bag
_w/ short handles and shoulder strap
_1 big inside pocket and large pouch with zipper
_made from 2 layers of durable cotton moleskin
  produced in germany.
material: eco-tex heavy cotton moleskin
colour: new blue

made in germany

45 x 38 x 15 cm
119,00 €
incl. Vat/Mwst. plus shipping charges
non EU customers save 19% VAT.
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