tape | omen - wild sleep

kashual plastik presents: omen

Raindrops falling, time moves in. Seconds without history. Minutes without astronomy. A time, that did not realize it’s time. Erstwhile the clocks were ticking dissimilar. Winter is summer, autumn is spring. The spells change, the heartbeat maintains. Here is “Wild Sleep”, the latest album by Hannah S. aka Omen. The Australian producer and DJ living in Berlin is back on Kashual Plastik. Today with more than a haunting tune for an erratic compilation. She comes with a full album. Touching base in manyfold stylistic subdivisions – field recordings, pop miniatures, drone zones, Hauntology visions, drifting journey music, primitive folk, sound collages, and dragging industrial, turning in deep relation with Omen’s self-reflection and fiction, sleeping wild in the big city sky. Her songwriting, sharpened in the countless bands she was in back in the days, when her headquarters were still in Australia, cuts deep, waves you in, into her psyche, her fiction and obsession, her gloomy realm of sound in space, space in sound. Long tones, yet so short, the birds are singing, while her synths gently hum. People laugh on pavements, manic samples materialize, Omen whispers. Alvin-Curran-like ecospheres, simple guitar chords, all recorded close to her body, to her world somewhere in the South of Berlin. “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” a man of mystery ones noted. Omen got caught in various mirroring trances, layered in nine songs to be tracks to be songs – short, long, never epic, always ready to see or seem. 36 intimate adventurous minutes, stretching time beyond their time, out there to loop, absorb, résumé, for healing and dreaming, while so wild sleeping.

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