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Nikita von Tiraspol:
I’ve first got into contact with Jūra Elena Šedytė’s music last year at Yaga festival. I had the slot to play after her live set and even though I was very nervous I was fascinated by the mood and atmosphere that arose around her music. We got into contact afterwards and the plan to do a release together evolved. After almost a year of planning here we go.
Explore her music with three new songs that lead you on a mesmerizing path through her beautiful musical world. From joyous almost childlike melodies through the wickedness of some people’s thoughts down to the sacred hymns of someones birth or funeral all spiced up with some up-to-date lyrics.

Also Nikita is back with five new songs. Made during the last five years he finally decided to show some of his output on his own label again. Starting with a percussive story-telling tale, continuing to the either melancholic or uplifting atmosphere behind some old trails. When it suddenly gets dark and threatening to an almost killing mood, the story continues in a different region with a easy yet remindful melody until it all continues with a long forgotten relation between two parted-away people.

released November 3, 2023

artwork: Stefan Ibrahim
mastering: Isabel Schröer at Olo Mastering
pressed at r.a.n.d. muzik

Jūra Elena Šedytė side:
Written by Jūra Elena Šedytė
Lyrics by Jūra Elena Šedytė
Mixed by Linas Karolis Krasauskas

Nikita von Tiraspol side:
All songs produced and arranged by Nikita von Tiraspol
Mixed by Nikita von Tiraspol and Panta Rex

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