tape | panta rex - V

With »V« Noorden presents the second album of Cologne-based artist Panta Rex.

Embracing your expressive states and your meditative inner moments, the slightly more minimalistic atmosphere of »V« is composed using a palette of sounds a wee bit darker than on the artist’s first album »LP1«.

They’re sourced from memories of first musical encounters and samples from new age records of Panta’s parents’ collection meeting field recordings, Orffian percussion, and analog machines.

Reflections on trance, energy, and escapism influenced the album’s production. We dearly hope you enjoy the music – be it dancing or resting.creditsreleased April 14, 2023

• Produced by Panta Rex
• Mastered by Isabel Schröer at Olo Mastering
• Artwork by Vincent Schmid
• Holographic stickers by Sebastian Karbowiak
• Design by Alex Ketzer
• Cassette Duplication by T.A.P.E. Muzik
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