tape | NON - OPTIMIZED SOUND sound tectonics #21 at YCAM

Akuma no numa (Devil's swamp)
Formed in 2008. The resident numa crew consists of COMPUMA, Dr.NISHIMURA and AWANO. They used to live in a swamp in Shimokitazawa MORE, Tokyo. Although their activities are irregular, each of them has been exploring the possibilities of the swamp with their own unique DJ mixes, and since 2013, they have been exploring the next unpredictable swamp world with back-to-back DJ styles. Various DJs and artists have been our guests and have created their own unique swamp. After 10 years of existence, the band has been featured in RA (Resident Advisor), participated in music festivals such as rural, apple music festival, FUJI & SUN, FRUE, etc., and has been active all over Japan.

A wet and muddy deep ground is called a swamp. Swamps are inhabited by wildlife and are often breeding grounds for a wide variety of animals.

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