tape | Laura Trance All True - Kontratape 06

A collage of found sounds and experimental ambient tempos, Laura Trance is completely unexpected and hypnotizing. Under the seductive spell of “Feelings” and “United” digitized and echoing vocals roam across rapturous melodies. Heading into more unsettling territory is “Marcello,” where a classic Italian film scene combusts into a melancholic tune and crumbling backdrop before speeding up and relentlessly beating its way to the end. Tracks like “Very Proud of my Breast (ft. Janomax)” and “3 Petits Chats” offer serene dream states and light, rejuvenating drums.

At times tranquil as in “Verzile Resurrection” or with a touch of industrial pummel like in “Frequent Cross,” All True orchestrates a mix of scratchy tones and tribal drum patterns on the B side. “The Rapid Decrease in Interest During a Sexually Sustained Relationship” with its fitful, choppy beats and repetitive soulful vocal seems to show the frustration one might have in this situation. Another ambiguous title, “Spiritual Ascendence of a Yugoslavian Car Dealer” comes in twisty and bouncy yet soft, conserving energy before the hefty “Disorder of the Stallion” stomps in.

words by miko ann
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