tape | genghis cohn - fingertip challenge

#hi-end leftfield entertainment
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#includes a screen printed band-Aid

text from the label:

Who is Genghis Cohn? What brought him to earth?  Is he the man behind Glasney Valley Rec., from Falmouth, U.K.? Does he know the Argentinian pocket music Sun Ra Nelson Gastaldi? John Bender must be a relative and  he could launch a band with John Duncan. Or maybe Genghis Cohn is just the reincarnation of Nick Drake, squeezed through a digital native brain on Fluoxetine.  After his first tape outcry on the aforementioned Galsney Valy Rec., he now delivers “Fingertip challenge” via Kashual Plastic. One tape, two sides, thousands of different lives. A Lo-Fi-Trash opera. Very Camp,  boundlessly open, fiercely experimenting, and yet sometimes so pure folky indie hearty. It’s psychedelic. A marvelous steady surprising trip. And hey, they say every now and then you should take one. For new perspectives. For new ideas. Or just to kill some time in good company.

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