vinyl 12" | workshop 26 - whodat / viola klein

we are proud to welcome Terri McQueen & Viola Klein
with a wonderful 2 track ep on workshop records.
Official release date: palm sunday april 14th 2019

Viola Klein (Cologne) arranges on this record combining the beats and moods of her friend
Whodat (Detroit) on side A and her own on side B.
Side A, Funeral Song (Whodat's beats in a Viola Klein edit)
Who wouldn't want this song to be played at his or her own funeral? Essential beatmaking
comes easy to Terri (Whodat). You don't want to be far from her humour; you stay right there.
Side B, Reprise, Appreciation of Unity Fellowship Church New York (Viola Klein)
The audio materialization of Jacqui Lewis' quote on Viola Klein 001 joined with a speech on
power and the togetherness of two female reverends. What transition will you make, coming
from that bass, daring the 1?

Hand stamped green ink on amber gold label
colour codes & palm leaf graphic delivered by Viola Klein
Cardboard cover with workshop logo embossing and black paper inner sleeve

mastered & cut by Helmut Erler @ D&M, Berlin

11,00 €
incl. Vat/Mwst. plus shipping charges

visa, mastercard, paypal

currently sold out

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