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tape | Cali Thornhill Dewitt - maxxxtape

90 minutes of selected techno and house
Mixed by the amazing Mr. Cali Thornhill deWitt

excerpts of an interview by asher penn with Cali, summer 2013:

So you’ve been involved in music. Have you ever produced it?

Like sitting in a studio? No. I don’t like that part of it;
I don’t like editing. Anything that feels like school doesn’t appeal to me you.

So did you play music at all?

No, never. I have tried to learn the piano a few times but I don’t have the discipline for it. What I would want—my fantasy—would be to play piano like Chico Marx, but I don’t have the determination for that I don’t think.
So with music you’ve always been OK in the audience?
I’m a fan first, and music was my first favorite thing.
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