chateau vinyl 7 inch | ttt edition

new chateau vinyl size for the small & precious ones!
chateau vinyl 7 inch offers a perfectly protected,
shock absorbing and cushioned space for up to 60 x 7inches.
two equal subdivisions that can be divided to both sides.
this unique feature makes record selecting more comfortable
in different booth situations. please check the detailed manual.

special edition for the trilogy tapes label, london 
available at the ttt online shop, cav empt store tokyo and here. 
_2-way heavy duty zipper, made in germany
_adjustable 50mm shoulderstrap
_shoulderstrap can be turned to short handle.
_comfortable, cushioned shoulder pad
_4 flat inner side pockets to arrange pucks or cleaning brush.
_a fully packed chateau vinyl 7 inch only weighs around 5kg.
_silk screened white ttt logo  

material: water-repellent cotton

colour: black 
made in germany

24 x 22 x 18 cm

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