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kurt | thermo blue

achtung hier kommt kurt!

functional mid size neckpouch & shoulderbag

this fabric features a climate change detector:
fabric changes color when temperatre rises!

_2 seperate compartments
_waterreppelent coated ykk zipper
_breathable & cushiones mesh back
_mesh back that allowes overpacking due to elasticity
_perfect pouch for a2 goliath wallet or others...
_ultra flat construction > wearable under jacket
_20mm adjustable strap
_maximum strap length: 120cm

o n l i n e s h o p   e x c l u s i v e

material: heat sensitive technical upper cotton fabric
colour: blue that changes to white when fabric temperature rises

made in germany

23 x 15 x 2 cm
59,00 €
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